Hi my name is Ali Rahmat.

You may have come here looking for answers. Answers to the business challenges you are facing right now. I too have faced many business challenges and personal financial challenges. I know it can be hard out there trying to grow your business and bottom line profits. And it's harder when you are stuck for the right ideas, knowledge and processes.

Over many years of doing both Internet Marketing, Event Marketing and plus traditional offline marketing I have learned the many creative ways in which to grow your business and financial income. I have develop a success formula which I call the "A+K+T Formula for Success". It's a framework you can use to become more successful in business & life...

I combine my AKT formula with the power of Internet Marketing Technologies and teach about starting a business by starting your website,

And then use WordPress Blogging, Social Media and SEO to grow your website and business.

I have setup a central blog where I write and teach how you can start and grow businesses and ultimately grow your income to live the life you've always wanted.

If I could help more people start businesses and grow their businesses, then it would help the economy as a whole and society can live more comfortably minus poverty.

Known as Asia's Event Marketing and Success coach, Ali Rahmat has been teaching how to inspire success in business using what he calls the A+K+T Formula...

Many students access his courses online via his easy to access


where you can learn How to DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS

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Keep a look out for Ali when he's on tour and available to meet in person.

You can consult with him for MARKETING ADVICE and most of all How to DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS - DYP...

To meet Ali email tour@successofbusiness.com

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