Ronaldo in Disguise Football Viral Campaign Attracts 10 Million Views on Youtube

This is a great example of a viral campaign or prank on YouTube starring a disguised Ronaldo and his soccer ball. The campaign not only got 10 million YouTube views but also publicity from other media channels.

As soon as people realised that the ordinary long haired football busker on the street was non other than the world's best football player/star, everyone was surprised.

People started taking photos/videos and trying to get an autograph.

We all love surprises and this campaign made full use of the emotion of surprise.

Are you using the element of surprise in your marketing campaigns? Share in the commwnts below if you have:



What Can You Learn About Marketing from an MMA Fight

What can we as business owners and marketers learn from an MMA UFC battle? And what can we learn from an MMA champion and master Jiujitsu practioner?

George St Pierre is a Jiujitsu black belt and a UFC champion.

Watching this fight inspired me to write this marketing tip. Observe and see how George managed the battle. He has the knowledge of the moves. He knows which situation where he can optimise his moves.

Similarly in marketing we can use optimisation techniques once we are in a situation where users have a certain level of interest in your product.

How do you know if your prospects have a certain interest in your product?

I will reveal this technique in a while below.

But before that I want you to watch the video closely. There are many things you can learn.

Even from the opponent. See how he survived throughout the fight.
In business and marketing, how can you survive from a superior marketing campaign by your competitor?


Now getting back to learn how you can identify if your prospeçts have a certain level of i terest in your product.

Well you can use the technique of filtering. Filter them by using opt-in lists.

Those that opt-in will have a certain interest in your offers. Then you can then build an optimised sales-page to convert your lists into sales.

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Also in an MMA fight there are times you're gonna fall even if you ultimately win. In the video at one point George was being wrestled with his opponent on top. But because of his skill and knowledge in Jiujitsu, he was simply able to get back on top.

Same thing in marketing. At times you may not get the results you seek. But when you know the process of optimising your conversions (lead and sales landing pages) you can simply tweak your pages to increase back your conversions.

I am teaching this process of optimising your marketing conversions in my "Double Your Profits" online course. If you wish to know more about this online course that can transform your marketing and the way you grow your business, fill in your email in the box form below:

How to Calculate Your Sales Quote to Closure Ratio

Your quote to closure ratio measures the number of formal quotes given that have translated into an actual sale. This metric enables you to get a feel for the impact that price has on your sales funnel.

Here’s how to calculate this figure:

Count the number of quotes over a period of timeCount the number of successfully closed sales over the same period of timeDivide the number of sales by the number of quotes and multiply by 100.

This will give you a closing ratio as a percentage.

For example, if you generated ten sales from 20 quotes, your quote to closure ratio would be 50%. That means you can expect to close 50% of your quotes (or 50 out of every 100 quotes).

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Inspiring Micromart Business Grows from only 1 to 30 Stores

Today I'd like to 's h a r e' with you an inspiring story of Farid MN and his convenience store business, which he started in the city of Semarang, Indonesia.

The store is called Micromart.

From just 1 store, Farid managed to grow it into 30 stores in the city. Even more amazing is he grew it within a short period of time. This is possible, because Farid had systems and processes in place.

And as a business owner and leader, Farid has also managed to develop a strong team and learning culture amongst his growing staff.

Many people would be surprised that Farid MN is a Singaporean. Yet he choose to start his business in Indonesia. For one thing, Indonesia is a much much bigger market than Singapore. With a population of 200 million as compared to Singapore's 5 million.

Also starting a business in Indonesia comes with much lower startup costs. Store rentals are also low.


Farid MN is offering opportunities to start your own Micromart in Indonesia. If you would like to meet Farid and his team to discuss about starting a Micromart, you can email me at with the subject "Start Micromart" and I will connect you to him.

Here is an an inspiring article where you can learn what managing and growing a Micromart is like -