How you can create your mindset for a more properous life

As human beings we all feel the need to become more than what we currently are. Whether it's getting better at our business by learning, helping someone with a problem that they are having, trying to break an old habit, trying to lose weight or looking for ways to increase our wealth.

This amazing human element is a wonderful thing because it pushes us toward growth. It keeps us looking forward to the future. If you stop and just take a look around you will see that everyone around you has this mindset to a certain degree. They are all working towards something that they think will better their lives, we all are.

You can take a moment and remember back to when you were a small child. Now think about a time when there was something that you really wanted. If you were like me as a child you did not have the doubt in your mind that told you that it was impossible for you to have this "something". You only knew that you wanted it and you dwelt upon that thought. If you remember correctly, most of the time you ended up getting your "something" or something even better.

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How Your LinkedIn Profile Pic can Make You Rich

Rich in connections, business relationships and ultimately leading to rich in wealth.

Wealth of knowledge and of course ultimately money.

Your LinkedIn Profile is your presence on LinkedIn. You can't do anything in LinkedIn until your Profile is up. It's like your resume and more. When someone looks at your Profile, they'll decide whether to connect with you or hire you.

In todays' post I will reveal and 'share':

  • How you can optimise your LinkedIn profile pic to attract more views
  • 5 more bonus tips to attract even more people to view your profile
  • Using the power of your LinkedIn headline

You can optimise your profile photo to attract more clicks and people to view your profile. To get more views, you need to stand out from the millions of other profile pics. Most people's profile picture is too boring and corporate looking.

The key here is DIFERRENTIATION. How do you make your profile picture different from others yet still looks professional.

Simply change the color and tonal effect of your photo. Use a photo effect app like Instagram where you can have cool effects like Cross Process and HDR.

In this way you make your profile pic different from all those monotomous photos of other people's profile.

Time and time again, Differentiation is the key in creating awareness of one's business, service or work.

Remember, if you can stand out, people will simply become more aware about you.

Once you know how to use Linkedin to your advantage, you can have confidence in starting your own business and take it towards success.

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Here are 5 more Insider Secrets that show you how to make your Profile compelling and be sure you're found when people search for clients, top talent for jobs, and people to connect and network with in LinkedIn.

When someone looks at your Profile, they'll decide whether to connect with you, hire you as an employee or for your services based on what they see there. Make it a good first impression, and make it compelling so that they contact you.

People want to connect with people they know, like and trust. And they buy from and hire people they know, like and trust. Be sure your LinkedIn Profile shows who you are and that people can know, like and trust you.

Establishing Trust is very very important when you want to get business. As I teach in my eBook "Trust Traffic" - The more trust you establish, the more business you get.

You can Download my "Trust Traffic" ebook free on the blog on the top right hand column.

Ok now, let's get to the 5 insider tips:-

#1. Complete your profile. Did you know that when you complete your LinkedIn profile, you are 40 times more likely to get opportunities via LinkedIn, because a complete LinkedIn profile is searchable by the search engines - almost like your own Web page.

By complete I mean 100% complete.

Look at other peoples' Profiles before you create yours. There are good examples to look at to get ideas for what to include in your Profile. Check out several in your industry or area and some that are outside your area. And complete your LinkedIn Profile as soon as possible, even if it's not perfect. Your LinkedIn Profile is dynamic, and you'll be making changes as you find a job, work with more clients, and see how other people write their Profiles.

2. Get Recommendations as soon as your Profile is finished. Offer to write a Recommendation for people you know and have worked with. Ask people who know you to write a Recommendation for you. Perhaps people from the company where you work, or clients, if you have your own business.

Recommendations are like testimonials about you, and can include how you've worked together, results you've achieved, and why someone likes working with you. A good way to get Recommendations is to offer to write one for people you know on LinkedIn. Often they'll write one for you in return.

3. Make a list of your goals and what you want to get from being a part of LinkedIn. There's a summary section of your Profile where you list why you're a part of LinkedIn, and what you want to get from it. For example, new clients, a new job, let people know about your business or special events, etc. These may change as your goals change.

4. Make it a habit to use LinkedIn before you travel. Search for people in the city you're traveling to, connect with them via LinkedIn or a phone call or e-mail. Send them the link to your Profile, and tell them you're in LinkedIn and want to meet with them when you're in their city. Solid networks are being built in person through LinkedIn.

5. HOT TIP: Include the link to your LinkedIn Profile in your e-mail signature, so people can click right through to see it. This has paid off for me in many ways.

Also an advice on your LinkedIn Profile Headline:

Think of your headline as your first sales pitch to people who want to connect with you. If I am unfamiliar with you or your company, how does mentioning your company name and your position show me what you do and why I need to connect with you? It doesn't!

These headlines are too general, simple and straight forward. They are too vague and too broad. In order for your headline to be effective, it needs to grab my attention.

It needs to make me want to read the rest of your profile. As a potential client or potential referral source, I need to see right away how you can help me or my clients.

When I am invited to connect with someone, I view their profile before I choose to accept. The first thing that I look at is their headline to see if there is any possible synergy between the person who wants to connect with me and my business. By doing this I can see if it is worth my time and energy to view the rest of their profile. Make your headline enticing so I will want to read your profile and connect with you.

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How to Make Your Facebook Ads Profitable

While hanging out in a Facebook group, I saw a post by someone who said that their Facebook Ad was not profitable and how to make it profitable.

I wrote a reply giving some free advice there. And I will repost the advice for the benefit of readers on this blog.

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding your Facebook ads in the comments below.

I said that there is a certain formula to use to make FB ads profitable.

If you have the following details, I can help calculate if your FB ad have a good chance of being profitable:

1. What is your monthly revenue goal:

2. Your customer value or even just revenue per sale:

3. What is your conversion rate (the % of sales from the ad reach eg conversion rate = sales/fb ad reach)

4. And finally what is your ad budget per month:

Look at FB ad as a campaign that is measured over one month. An ad/product/brand needs time to gain traction and thus for enough people to see. That's why you see repeated advertising over a period of 1 month for lets say TV. You see those movie ads repeatedly over 1 month.

Comment below 'Yes Ali, I want the template' and i will send you a special template on how you can keep track and measure your FB ad campaigns.

Once you learn how to properly measure with the right metrics then you can tweak and Optimise your ad for greater profits.

What Can You Learn About Marketing from an MMA Fight

What can we as business owners and marketers learn from an MMA UFC battle? And what can we learn from an MMA champion and master Jiujitsu practioner?

George St Pierre is a Jiujitsu black belt and a UFC champion.

Watching this fight inspired me to write this marketing tip. Observe and see how George managed the battle. He has the knowledge of the moves. He knows which situation where he can optimise his moves.

Similarly in marketing we can use optimisation techniques once we are in a situation where users have a certain level of interest in your product.

How do you know if your prospects have a certain interest in your product?

I will reveal this technique in a while below.

But before that I want you to watch the video closely. There are many things you can learn.

Even from the opponent. See how he survived throughout the fight.
In business and marketing, how can you survive from a superior marketing campaign by your competitor?


Now getting back to learn how you can identify if your prospeçts have a certain level of i terest in your product.

Well you can use the technique of filtering. Filter them by using opt-in lists.

Those that opt-in will have a certain interest in your offers. Then you can then build an optimised sales-page to convert your lists into sales.

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Also in an MMA fight there are times you're gonna fall even if you ultimately win. In the video at one point George was being wrestled with his opponent on top. But because of his skill and knowledge in Jiujitsu, he was simply able to get back on top.

Same thing in marketing. At times you may not get the results you seek. But when you know the process of optimising your conversions (lead and sales landing pages) you can simply tweak your pages to increase back your conversions.

I am teaching this process of optimising your marketing conversions in my "Double Your Profits" online course. If you wish to know more about this online course that can transform your marketing and the way you grow your business, fill in your email in the box form below:

How to Calculate Your Sales Quote to Closure Ratio

Your quote to closure ratio measures the number of formal quotes given that have translated into an actual sale. This metric enables you to get a feel for the impact that price has on your sales funnel.

Here’s how to calculate this figure:

Count the number of quotes over a period of timeCount the number of successfully closed sales over the same period of timeDivide the number of sales by the number of quotes and multiply by 100.

This will give you a closing ratio as a percentage.

For example, if you generated ten sales from 20 quotes, your quote to closure ratio would be 50%. That means you can expect to close 50% of your quotes (or 50 out of every 100 quotes).

Join My Network of Senior Business Leaders

Many of my readers here on Linkedin and my blog have known for some time that I write to share with CEOs, GMs and other business leaders/owners about leading edge business growth strategies and processes you can apply to scale and grow your business sales/revenue.

And furthermore I share knowledge to improve leadership and organisational performance.

In my articles I teach and write about how it's so important to use the #MediaPR writing technique to really help scale your business marketing reach + conversion (conversion in to Leads and ultimately Sales)

If you want your brand to grow online you need to write and educate. The more you write and educate, the more you grow.

But make sure that once you grow you know how to convert your traffic to sales. The key here is to establish trust via the value you provide with your writing and education.

To date I have built one of the largest network of Senior Business Leaders right here in Singapore. This highly valuable network comprises of CEOs, GMs, CMOs, Directors, C-suite and many other senior high-level business leaders all based in Singapore.

For the first time, I will be opening up available spots for other business professionals to come join my network as a Pro Member.

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Inspiring Micromart Business Grows from only 1 to 30 Stores

Today I'd like to 's h a r e' with you an inspiring story of Farid MN and his convenience store business, which he started in the city of Semarang, Indonesia.

The store is called Micromart.

From just 1 store, Farid managed to grow it into 30 stores in the city. Even more amazing is he grew it within a short period of time. This is possible, because Farid had systems and processes in place.

And as a business owner and leader, Farid has also managed to develop a strong team and learning culture amongst his growing staff.

Many people would be surprised that Farid MN is a Singaporean. Yet he choose to start his business in Indonesia. For one thing, Indonesia is a much much bigger market than Singapore. With a population of 200 million as compared to Singapore's 5 million.

Also starting a business in Indonesia comes with much lower startup costs. Store rentals are also low.


Farid MN is offering opportunities to start your own Micromart in Indonesia. If you would like to meet Farid and his team to discuss about starting a Micromart, you can email me at with the subject "Start Micromart" and I will connect you to him.

Here is an an inspiring article where you can learn what managing and growing a Micromart is like -

Are You Taking Calculated Risk to Grow Your Business?

As a business owner you need to realize that when you take calculated risks there is a possibility that you may fail.

It's the gamble business people have to take, especially if they want to achieve growth.

Note that I use the word "calculated risk". It's calculated meaning you plan and know your numbers. The amount of risk you can take.

On the upside you also have a chance to increase your revenue and profits thus business growth...

Many businesses that have achieved succeess locally find it difficult to venture into new markets overseas in a foreign land.

Many business owners may lack the courage to venture overseas into new markets and yet this is one of the great pathway to business growth.

The overseas market is potentially bigger.

Consider the local Singapore market which has a population of 5 million. And if you were to enter the Indonesia market which has a population of 200 million. See the difference?

200 million divided by 5 million, that is a market 40 times bigger than Singapore. Now you see how your business could massively grow whem you enter the overseas Indonesia market.

The fear is there because the risks involved are high, but the fact is that the higher the risk the higher the returns.

This article is mostly directed to business owners who have succeeded locally and have hedged spreading their investments into new markets.

The best way to do this is making a calculated risk and then plunging into it full steam ahead.

When you enter a new market, make sure you express what makes you different from your competitors who may already be established players. I call this your Unique Value Differentiator (UVD).

Also try to provide an even better service experience than what is currently there. You'll sure gain some new customers and market share.

As a business owner realize that when you take calculated risks there is a chance that you may fail.

And even if you fail, learn from your failure and get up more wiser and ready for the next business challenge or calculated risk activitity for business growth.

A lot of times, when you venture into new markets you need a tactical marketing process.

For it is in the marketing process that can bring in much needed new leads and sales.

I always teach that marketing is educating because when you educate your prospect learns. And when people learn they have more confidence in using your product and thus buying it.

In my "Double Your Profits" online course , I teach you step-by-step how to build a marketing process that educates and establishes greater confidence in your product.

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