Why You Need to do Event Marketing

I have friends in the finance industry. And they tell me there is a recession coming.

Times are tough. I was walking along Clarke Quay and see so many businesses and shops closed down.

In these times many business owners tend to think that they need to spend less. But it is those who persevere and are persistent in their marketing who will eventually get there.

In this age where everyone seems to be virtual and on automation, businesses need to go out and engage more on the ground. To get that human touch back.

Afterall your customers are humans.

The key here is to go online > offline > online

And when you go offline it means you'll be running events. Event Marketing that is.

You need to create an Awesome experience for those attending your events.

I have exciting news for you. As there is an incredibly talented speaker who will 'share' about How you can use Event Marketing to grow the success of your business.

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