3 Steps to an Incredibly Powerful Attention Grabbing Headline

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Marketers and business owners who do marketing(the fun part of business), if you ever wanted many more people to read your articles or brochures, then you need to know that creating a good attention grabbing headline plays a very important step.

The headline is the first thing people read. It is the first impression.

And we all know how important first impressions are.

I'm going to show you 3 steps that can help you write incredibly better headlines.

The 3 steps are:

1. Common Emotion

2. Specific Proof

3. Specific Target

Common Emotion

Tap on a common emotion that your target audience share or experiences.

For example, if you're selling a robotic vacuum cleaner. You can tap on the emotion that it's a hassle to clean the house. It feels so boring cleaning the house.

You may use the headline like:
"Never Vacuum Again"
Here you can see that I've used a very emotional word "Never"

Specific Proof

Provide proof following the emotion point.

For example:
"More than 1000 housewives have used our robotic vacuum cleaner to automatically vacuum their homes"

In this example I've stated 1000 housewives. This is the specificity. Actual number of housewives who have used and benefited from the product.

Specific Target

Call out to your specific target audience. If you do not call them out, how can they know the article is for them. Call them out so they know it's specifically for them and you'll incredibly increase the chance that they read your article.

For example you can call them out like this:
"Attention housewives who are tired"

Combine all 3 steps and you get this powerful attention grabbing headline:

"Attention housewives who are constantly tired...

Never vacuum again!

More than 1000 housewives have used our robotic vacuum cleaner to automatically vacuum their homes"

An attention grabbing headline will enable you to convert into more sales.

Headlines are used on your lead-page, sales-page and email and blog articles.

All important elements which form the ultimate marketing funnel that can help multiply your business profits.

You can learn more in depth the exact step-by-step system that I use to build the ultimate marketing funnel that can help double your profits in my
"Double Your Profits" online course

Now it's your turn. Create your ultimate headline using these 3 steps.

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