Get on Google Page 1 and Make More Money

For small business owners, a high Google ranking can be the catalyst to success. Here are 5 benefits of ranking on Page 1 in Google search results.



1. Visibility

First and foremost, if your website is on page 1, it increases your chances to get better exposure and quality traffic that can eventually be converted into a sale. This seems fairly straight forward, but many business owners underestimate the importance of this.

Targeted Website Traffic

For any business website, more than 90% of Google traffic comes from page 1. Only less than 2% of people advance beyond page 2. This demonstrates how much of a disadvantage your business has by not reaching the first page on Google.

The first search result receives more than 30% of all click-through traffic. So in this regard, your position page 1 is also an important factor. However, the website that ranks #5 on page 1 receives a significantly higher number of clicks than a website at the top of page 2.
So, if your business is on page 1, there is still a lot of opportunity to increase your organic web traffic by achieving a higher ranking. But if your business is not on page 1, getting there should be a priority.

Brand Awareness

So it’s established that if you’re on Page 1 of Google, there is a much greater likelihood that users will click on your website. But even when a user doesn’t visit your website, a high Google ranking still gives exposure to your brand name. When customers come across your business in future, chances are that the name will ring a bell.

So in short, the visibility your business gains from being on page 1 increases the number of visitors to your website, makes your brand more widely recognisable, and increases the likelihood that social media users will engage with your business page.


2. Credibility

Companies that opt exclusively for paid Google advertisements fall behind their competitors in terms of presence and credibility. Meanwhile, companies that achieve more organic traffic establish a strong sense of credibility with users.

High organic search engine rankings make your business appear authoritative, both to Google and to your customers. It tells users that your website is extremely relevant to their search enquiry, and indicates that your product or service can be trusted.


3. Increased Conversion Rates

Ranking on page 1 in Google can increase your conversion rates in a number of different ways.

The primary goal of SEO is to increase sales by attracting more quality traffic. But often, the qualities of a high-ranking website are also qualities that attract customers.

Website that rank on page 1 have clear focused headlines, which will also improve the experience of users, thus increasing your conversion rates. The presence of regular, quality content will also increase your ranking while making your site more appealing to customers.

This is why websites are penalised when they use spam tactics, without incorporating the elements that offer value to your customers.

When you have a well-designed and informative website, and you reach page 1 through the expertise of an SEO specialist, you can increase your conversion rates by attracting more traffic and creating a positive experience for customers.

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