How to be Successful in the Future?

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The men of the last century have harnessed the forces of the outer world.

The age is now at hand that shall harness the energies of mind, new-found in the psychological laboratory, and shall put them at the service of humanity.

Are you increasing your knowledge to appreciate it and take part in it, or are you merely passing your time away?

Take careful note for a week of the incidents of your daily life and business—

  • your methods of work,
  • habits of thought,
  • modes of recreation.

You will discover an appalling waste in your present random methods of operation.

How many foot-pounds of energy do you suppose you annually dump into the scrap-heap of wasted effort?

What does this mean to you in dollars and cents?

In conscious usefulness?

In peace and happiness?

Individual mind efficiency is an absolute prerequisite to any notable personal achievement or any great individual success.

Your mental energies are the forces with which you must wage your battles in this world.

Are you prepared to direct and deploy these forces with masterful control and strategic skill?

Are you prepared to use all your reserves of mental energy in the crises of your business and life?

Your mind energies are the forces with which you must wage your battles in this world.

A Mighty and Intelligent Power resides within you. Its marvelous resources are just now coming to be recognized.

These are mental energies and resources.

Thus in many fairly independent ways we are brought around to this same idea of a common structure underlying all the many seeming diversities manifested by what we call matter.

Are you fully equipped to take a valiant part in the work of the coming years?

The greatest of all eras is at hand!

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