How you can create your mindset for a more properous life

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As human beings we all feel the need to become more than what we currently are. Whether it's getting better at our business by learning, helping someone with a problem that they are having, trying to break an old habit, trying to lose weight or looking for ways to increase our wealth.

This amazing human element is a wonderful thing because it pushes us toward growth. It keeps us looking forward to the future. If you stop and just take a look around you will see that everyone around you has this mindset to a certain degree. They are all working towards something that they think will better their lives, we all are.

You can take a moment and remember back to when you were a small child. Now think about a time when there was something that you really wanted. If you were like me as a child you did not have the doubt in your mind that told you that it was impossible for you to have this "something". You only knew that you wanted it and you dwelt upon that thought. If you remember correctly, most of the time you ended up getting your "something" or something even better.

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