Inspiring Micromart Business Grows from only 1 to 30 Stores

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Today I'd like to 's h a r e' with you an inspiring story of Farid MN and his convenience store business, which he started in the city of Semarang, Indonesia.

The store is called Micromart.

From just 1 store, Farid managed to grow it into 30 stores in the city. Even more amazing is he grew it within a short period of time. This is possible, because Farid had systems and processes in place.

And as a business owner and leader, Farid has also managed to develop a strong team and learning culture amongst his growing staff.

Many people would be surprised that Farid MN is a Singaporean. Yet he choose to start his business in Indonesia. For one thing, Indonesia is a much much bigger market than Singapore. With a population of 200 million as compared to Singapore's 5 million.

Also starting a business in Indonesia comes with much lower startup costs. Store rentals are also low.


Farid MN is offering opportunities to start your own Micromart in Indonesia. If you would like to meet Farid and his team to discuss about starting a Micromart, you can email me at ali@successofbusiness.com with the subject "Start Micromart" and I will connect you to him.

Here is an an inspiring article where you can learn what managing and growing a Micromart is like - http://internship2015micromart.blogspot.com?m=1

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