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Many of my readers here on Linkedin and my blog have known for some time that I write to share with CEOs, GMs and other business leaders/owners about leading edge business growth strategies and processes you can apply to scale and grow your business sales/revenue.

And furthermore I share knowledge to improve leadership and organisational performance.

In my articles I teach and write about how it's so important to use the #MediaPR writing technique to really help scale your business marketing reach + conversion (conversion in to Leads and ultimately Sales)

If you want your brand to grow online you need to write and educate. The more you write and educate, the more you grow.

But make sure that once you grow you know how to convert your traffic to sales. The key here is to establish trust via the value you provide with your writing and education.

To date I have built one of the largest network of Senior Business Leaders right here in Singapore. This highly valuable network comprises of CEOs, GMs, CMOs, Directors, C-suite and many other senior high-level business leaders all based in Singapore.

For the first time, I will be opening up available spots for other business professionals to come join my network as a Pro Member.

When you join, you'll get access to:

- networking opportunities with Singapore based CEOs, GMs and other high-level senior business leaders.

- networking opportunities via Networking Events, Learning Events and Online Mastermind Forums

- exclusive learning and business growth strategies to take your business to the next 6 and 7 Figure dollar level, which I only release to Pro Members of this group.

- you'll also get access to my team of #MediaPR writers who are experts at copywriting content.

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