Tomorrowland Movie Expected $140 Million Loss, What Can We Learn

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With all its got going for it, like superstar actor George Clooney and futuristic special effects, the Tommorowland movie we would think would be a success.

But sources from The Hollywood Reporter have reported that the movie is expected to make a whopping $140 million dollar loss after it has made its round of screenings around the world.

How could this be?

Many have observed that the film could have been better marketed and publicised. There was not much buzz and pre-buzz before its launch.

And that there's no initial fan base. If you look at the Avengers Age of Ultron movie, it had earned $1.35 billion. Because Avengers has such a huge Marvel fan base. See the difference.

The film's marketing is also not clearly targeting the audience. Is it for kids or adults?

In the Double Your Profits course (DYPcourse) I have continually taught that Pre-sell is a very important factor in getting initial momentum to warm up and sell to your market.

And also I emphasize on clarity of market segment. Is your marget segment clear that your product is for them?

Are you building initial buzz to target your market? This you'll learn in the Double Your Profits course.

That said, I think Tommorowland is a fun movie to watch for the whole family.






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