What Can You Learn About Marketing from an MMA Fight

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What can we as business owners and marketers learn from an MMA UFC battle? And what can we learn from an MMA champion and master Jiujitsu practioner?

George St Pierre is a Jiujitsu black belt and a UFC champion.

Watching this fight inspired me to write this marketing tip. Observe and see how George managed the battle. He has the knowledge of the moves. He knows which situation where he can optimise his moves.

Similarly in marketing we can use optimisation techniques once we are in a situation where users have a certain level of interest in your product.

How do you know if your prospects have a certain interest in your product?

I will reveal this technique in a while below.

But before that I want you to watch the video closely. There are many things you can learn.

Even from the opponent. See how he survived throughout the fight.
In business and marketing, how can you survive from a superior marketing campaign by your competitor?


Now getting back to learn how you can identify if your prospeçts have a certain level of i terest in your product.

Well you can use the technique of filtering. Filter them by using opt-in lists.

Those that opt-in will have a certain interest in your offers. Then you can then build an optimised sales-page to convert your lists into sales.

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Also in an MMA fight there are times you're gonna fall even if you ultimately win. In the video at one point George was being wrestled with his opponent on top. But because of his skill and knowledge in Jiujitsu, he was simply able to get back on top.

Same thing in marketing. At times you may not get the results you seek. But when you know the process of optimising your conversions (lead and sales landing pages) you can simply tweak your pages to increase back your conversions.

I am teaching this process of optimising your marketing conversions in my "Double Your Profits" online course. If you wish to know more about this online course that can transform your marketing and the way you grow your business, fill in your email in the box form below:

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